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FPC Series Suction Cup – Portrait of a Specialist!

The universal suction cup for all types of FlowPack packaging.

Ventouse pour la manipulation d'emballages souples FlowPack, DoyPack, série FPC FPC stands for FlowPack Cup: COVAL's new suction cup is fully dedicated to handling FlowPack packaging. A real technological breakthrough for a constantly evolving packaging method.

FlowPack now has its very own suction cup

 packaging provides many advantages:
. Direct food contact
. Large visible area to show the products
. Great number of applications in various industries: fresh fruits and vegetables, food processing industry, cosmetics, laboratories, and more
. High production rates and low cost next

COVAL launches its mobile application with TraceParts

COVAL launches its mobile application with TraceParts COVAL takes the lead in the race for 3D content in the field of vacuum-handling systems thanks to a new mobile application developed with TraceParts.

Our primary goal in choosing TraceParts was to make our 3D models available for integrators and machine manufacturers, and to reach new customers around the world in several languages. It was crucial for us to be present on the platform in order to develop our international business and to reinforce our customer services explique Stéphane Garcia, Responsable Marketing de COVAL" explains Stéphane Garcia, the Marketing Manager at COVAL.


Commercial launch: New 2015


LEM+ and LEMAX+ intelligent vacuum pumps:
all intelligent power

COVAL is expanding its range of intelligent vacuum pumps with the launch, since November 2014, of new products: LEM+ and LEMAX+. Increased power is combined with COVAL vacuum pump qualities: performance, compactness and energy savings.


MVG Series: Modular Vacuum Gripper

Commercial launch: September 2014

MVG Series: Modular Vacuum Gripper

We know the famous Henri Ford's quote: « Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black». 

The new modular vacuum gripper MVG Series
 by COVAL is the opposite of that quote. It can be configured to be perfectly adapted to each application, with the technical assistance of the COVAL team.


Calculate your energy savings

Press release Energy Saving App 29/11/13

Calculate your energy savings

Online measurement of cost savings that can be achieved with a COVAL vacuum handling solution.


LEMAX Mini vacuum pump

Economic in everything except performance

LEMAX Mini vacuum pump Emphasis with this new product is on energy saving through continuous monitoring and regulation     next

MVS Flexible suction cups

They can adapt to all speeds

MVS Flexible suction cups Exponential technological progress in electronics allows robotic manufacturers to offer ever operational speeds. next

PSD - Switch to colours

Vacuum switch with 3-Colour display

PSD - Switch to colours The new PSD series mini-vacuum switch with display offers easy reading thanks to the size of its screen and its 3-colour display next