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New CMS HD VX multistage vacuum pumps from COVAL, with added intelligence and communications capability

The vacuum power you need, when you need it!

New CMS HD VX multistage vacuum pumps from COVAL, with added intelligence and communications capability

After the 2022 launch of the CMS HD heavy-duty multistage vacuum pump series, COVAL is completing its offer with the VX version, an intelligent and communicating pump.
Like previous versions, the new CMS HD VX vacuum pumps combine operating power, robustness, modularity, and compactness.                                      

The principal enhancements to the CMS HD VX multistage vacuum pumps provide a more ergonomic user interface and permanent communication with the operations environment. The VX version is thus fully connected to Industry 4.0.                 
Above all, the design of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) has been designed with particular care, to improve information to the operator and help them react to problems more efficiently.                                                             
The IO-Link communication interface, which complies with the international standard IEC 61131-9, makes the CMS HD VX vacuum pump easy to use and allows for fast and cost-effective installation, continuous diagnostics, centralized parameterization, and efficient communication with higher-level protocols (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, etc.).                      

All setting and diagnostic functions are available and modifiable on mobile devices (Android and iOS) thanks to the HMI with NFC technology and the dedicated COVAL Vacuum Manager application.
The CMS HD VX qualities are ideal for pick-up and transfer in applications such as handling porous parts or emptying large volume tanks. 

Discover the new CMS HD VX version vacuum pumps

Robust: resistant to the harsh environments of production lines
High performance: optimized multi-stage Venturi system that guarantees powerful suction flow rates and reduced compressed air consumption.
Modular: configurable according to needs and easy maintenance.
Communicating: efficient communication system for all use levels, clear and easy to read HMI, NFC technology for mobile use, and IO-Link communications interface for straightforward networking.

Main Specifications (depending on version)

80% vacuum
3 powerful suction flow rates:
- CMSHD90X50__  24.72 SCFM
- CMSHD90X100__  38.85 SCFM
- CMSHD90X150__  56.50 SCFM
With or without vacuum and blow-off control
Vacuum control: NC, NO
With or without vacuum switch
Blow-off controlled or automatic timed
- VXC15X : One M12 5-pin male connector
- VXC18X : One M12 8-pin male connector
- VXC24X : Two M12 4-pin male connectors
Digital inputs/outputs mode (SIO) / IO-Link
3 exhaust configurations
Degree of protection: IP65
Supply pressure monitoring (pressure sensor)
Supply voltage monitoring
Vacuum network status analysis and monitoring with a network sizing tool to prevent pressure loss, as well as a clog detection function
Remote HMI option features the following:
- High-visibility color display with clear multilingual messages and straightforward settings menu
- Easy set up made possible by NFC technology and COVAL Vacuum Manager mobile app

Modularity / Maintenance

The CMS HD multi-stage vacuum pumps have been designed to withstand the demands of all your applications and guarantee a high level of performance. However, handling certain parts may require replacement or cleaning.                             
The modular design of the CMS HD multi-stage pumps ensures easy maintenance as the components are all easily accessible.

Discover the new CMS HD VX version vacuum pumps                         

Straightforward Communication                                                         

The CMSHD__VX Heavy Duty multi-stage vacuum pump series includes various features that enable setup, use, and diagnostics in all situations and at all levels (operators, process, networked factory), with the aim of keeping the use and management of the pumps as straightforward as possible, thus allowing for their easy integration in your smart factory.


The IO-Link system provides efficient real-time communication between CMSHD__VX_ multi-stage vacuum pumps and any higher-level protocol (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, etc.) required to monitor the production line. It can be used to control pumps, configure settings, and get feedback to ensure maximum productivity.


Straightforward wiring, installation, and setup
Availability of diagnostic data
Simpler preventive maintenance and vacuum pump replacement without manual setup, and more
Onboard installation and diagnostic tools



To make it easier to use and set up multi-stage piloted vacuum pumps, the CMS HD series has an optional remote HMI as an accessory.


Place the HMI in an easily accessible and visible area
Use one HMI for several CMS HD multi-stage vacuum pumps
Copy settings from one pump to another
CMS HD multi-stage vacuum still functions without any HMI connected


The NFC wireless technology integrated in the remote HMI and in the COVAL Vacuum Manager application makes all setup and diagnostic functions available and modifiable on your mobile devices.

Additional features:

Read/write settings with the power on or off
Copy settings from one CMS HD to another
Backup up to 5 setting configurations
COVAL support: send a report including the settings and diagnostic data to COVAL for technical support