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SITON® range: The non marking, high temperature resistant suction pads.

Industry Solutions: Plastics

SITON Suction cups for plastic Industry. #plastic #suctioncups #coval

It's been 15 years COVAL has developed the material SITON® . In addition to its non marking capacity, the new range of suction pads in SITON® offer excellent resistance to abrasion.

As most of the COVAL product, the SITON is a material resulting from a clients' request. The cosmetic industry need's non-marking suction pads along with a capacity to resist high temperatures.Once the product is developed and tested, it was not by surprise that COVAL observed in addition to SITON's high temperature resistance, it offered a high resistance to abrasion.

This rare combination of properties is highly demanded in the cosmetic industry to handle the fragile products such as lipsticks where marking is strictly avoided. For plastics, the heat resistance of SITON® allows for efficient handling of hot products from the moulds without any deterioration or leaving any marks.

In addition, the SITON® offers superior strength compared to conventional materials, which increases the lifespan of suction cups, thus reducing the frequency of purchase and machine downtime.
Additionally, COVAL extends the range of SITON cups to the large sizes and shapes. From now onwards, 80% of standard suction pads are available in SITON material allowing for utilization in majority of industrial applications.

The applications
• Cosmetics: Handling of fragile products such as lipsticks.
• Plastics: Handling of products still hot while taken out from molds.

SITON®, which makes the difference

• Non-marking: clear mix and absence of silicon
• Good mechanical performance to high temperature, up to 160°C.
• Very good resistance to abrasion

SITON® Suction Cups