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Bags/sacks Gripping System

CSGS Series

Bag handling system CSGS COVAL

The CSGS system is a comprehensive package that includes a specific suction pad and an optimized vacuum generator and guarantees high reliability for handling plastic or paper bags from 25 to 60 kg, used for packing powder and/or granulated products.

It is particularly recommended for robotic palletizing and de-palletizing applications that require a quick and secure implementation.

Gripping capacity:

The CSGS...X35 models are equipped with a 250x150 mm suction pad allowing them handle loads of up to 35 kg, depending on the bag's resilience.
The CSGS...X60 models are equipped with a 360x190 mm suction pad and can handle loads of up to 60 kg.


. The CSGS system is designed to support the load handled by the suction pad and thus allows it to be installed directly onto the robot's arm.
. The CSGS system allows for a quick and cost-effective installation: it is fed by a single small-sized compressed air hose, which avoids the complexity of setting up a vacuum network consisting of large pipes and vacuum valves.
. The suction pad features a foam lip that ensures the maximum flexibility required for gripping a variety of product types.
. The specific vacuum generator has been designed to provide high air intake flow rates thus allowing for shorter response times and the handling of porous products.
. It does not include any membrane and has no internal moving parts. It therefore is clog-free and can be installed without requiring any filter on the vacuum network.
. Very low noise level thanks to external silencers.
. No heat emission, vibration-free.

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