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Angular Jaw Clamps, PA series
The PA series angular jaw clamps are used in robotics and the plastics industry and more generally on all types of manipulators. They are particularly recommended for use on injection press unloading robots.

Choose a clamp with a theoretical force Coval to at least twice the effective force required. The clamping forces in the table above are theoretical forces and are given for a pressure of 6 bar. Gripping force is inversely proportional to the distance between the gripping point and the fulcrum.

For example, for a PA 20 clamp with the gripping point 25mm from the fulcrum, the clamping force will be:
F = 10.1 (table below) x 15/25 = 6.06 kg.

The weight of the objects to be handled is added to that of the clamp and must not exceed 1/20th of the force exerted on the gripping point. The opening and closing speed of the fingers can be adjusted with the compressed air regulator.
. DE: double action clamp using compressed air.
. SEF: closure by compressed air, opening by return spring (simple closing effect).
. SE0: o pening by compressed air, closure by return spring (simple opening effect).
. Compressed air: Filtered, lubricated or non-lubricated
. Maximum pressure: 10 bar
. Material: Anodized aluminium
. Seal: Nitrile (NBR)
. Heat treament: On pins and fingers
. Operating température: 14 to 158°F
reference tightening strength
minimum pressure
mp (bar)
Mas (g)
option magnetic sensor
PA16DE 5.5 à 6.5 1.5 120 -
PA16SEF 4 2.5 120 -
PA16SEO 5.2 2.5 120 -
PA20DE 10.1 à 12.2 1.2 190 oui
PA20SEF 7.5 2 190 oui
PA20SEO 8.5 2 190 oui
PA32DE 22 à 24 1 490 oui
PA32SEF 16.5 1.8 490 oui
PA32SEO 19.5 1.8 490 oui
PA50DE 52 à 60 0.8 1660 oui