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Through Type Silencer, SIL K-C
From when it was founded, COVAL has always given particular attention to reducing the noise of vacuum pumps and improving their performance.
Often copied, never equalled, the acoustic performance of COVAL vacuum pumps stems from the inside shape of the venturi system and the innovative design of the hit-tech soundproof materials used for the silencers.

. Noise reduction mastered
. No clogging
. No pressure loss
Through-type silencer
• Noise absorbed laterally by soundproof textile
• Free output without pressure loss or clogging.
Material: Black anodized aluminum or black polycarbonate (according to Ø)
interior: Textile soundproof material
Temperature: 14 to 122 °F
reference ØC
B (mm)
sound level attenuation
sound att (average dB)
Diam (mm)
SILK12C G1/2''-M 121 33 30
SILK12CS G1/2''-M 54 28 30
SILK14C G1/4''-M 68 31 20
SILK18C G1/8''-M 68 33 20
SILK38C G3/8''-M 121 33 30