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Mechanical Feelers, PMG2 series
The PMG2 series mechanical feelers are mounted on VP series flat suction cups, diameter 30 to 60mm, in all types of material (group 2 suction cups). The mechanical feeler protrudes beyond the suction cup, thus blocking off the vacuum route. The feeler is activated by the object, causing it to open and free the route for the vacuum.
• Body: Nickel-plated brass
• Spring: Stainless steel
• Feeler: Delrin brass
• Simple to install and operate
• Very efficient airtightness for non-covered suction cups
• Little risk of marking delicate objects, as the feeler has a rounded surface
Flow rate
No leakage if all the suction cups are correctly placed. This represents substantial savings in power with regard to the vacuum source: pneumatic ejector or electric vacuum pumps.
The feelers are mounted by press fitting. It is preferable to allow us to assemble the feeler onto the suction cup.
  • TS1-2-3
    Level Compensators, TS1-TS2-TS3 series
  • TSOG
    Anti-rotation Spring Systems, TSOG series
  • TS
    Level Compensators, TS11 series
reference Connection
PMG2 G1/4"-M