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Suction Cup for Bottle Handling via the Punt, VBO Series
Developed in partnership with manufacturers in the wine sector, the VBO suction cup system is designed for gripping bottles by the punt on disgorging stations.
Its modular design allows for a high degree of flexibility in positioning the whole assembly when gripping the base, as well as excellent sealing when gripping different types of bottles

The VBO suction cup system consists of:
• A 2.5 bellows suction cup, Ø62 mm in Nitrile with 31mm stroke, ensuring a high degree of flexibility in positioning on the bottle base (swivel effect, deflection).
• An aluminium fi tting threaded G1/4’’ -Male allowing the assembly to be mounted on the tool.
• Aluminium top and bottom coupler plates for joining the suction cup to the gripping disc.
• A silicone gripping disc (COVAL-Flex) ensures the tightness of the grip on various punts.
Suction Cup: NBR - Nitrile
Fitting and Couplers: Aluminum
Gripping Disc: SI - Silicone
Branch-specific applications
Types of use
reference internal volume
vi (cm3)
Ø D (mm)
VBO60D85A2.5X62NBRM14C0 72.5 85