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Closed cells Foam Strips, BM series
The foam ring is designed for gripping products with an uneven or ridged surface, e.g.:
• Sawn wood, sheet metal, flat surfaces with bumps or hollows.
• All granular surfaces to which suction pads cannot adhere correctly and are therefore not airtight.
COVAL offers two types of foam strips: the BM series rolls and the VSBM series ring version.
• Nitrile( NBR - Black): 5 or 10mm thick, depending on the diameters of the suction cups.Good resistance to oil. The nitrile foam strip can only be glued to nitrile suction cups.
• Silicone (SI - White): 2 or 5mm thick, depending on the diameters of the suction cups. Heat-resistant up to 160°C (320°F), does not leave marks on products handled. Do not use the silicone foam strip for gripping products before painting or lacquering.
The silicone foam strip can only be bonded onto silicone suction cups (bonding is guaranteed if it is carried out in the factory).
The foam rings are mounted by bonding. In all cases, this should be carried out in our factory as we have the adhesives adapted to the materials. It is essential that silicone bonding be carried out in the COVAL factory.
reference A
A (mm)
B (mm)

BM1010 10 10
BM1510 15 10
BM1515 15 15
BM2020 20 20
BM2020SPTR 20 20
BM3020SPTR 20 30
BM3030 30 30
BM3030SPTR 30 30
BM5050 50 50
BMS3025 30 25