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Flat Oblong Suction Cups 25x65 to 50x100 mm, COFC
The COVAL COFC series high-performance suction cup range has been designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. The improved characteristics of the C series range optimize production tools in all spheres of activity.
• A full range of dimensions to meet every requirement.
• Non-slip cleats ensure optimum positioning on oily sheet metal.
• Structured suction cups for gripping thin sheet metal without deforming the piece.
• Ideal for automated applications.
• Specifically for use in the stamping and welding sectors.
Main advantages
• Extreme resistance to slipping.
• Gripping thin sheet metal without deforming the piece, thanks to the central cleats.
• Elastomer and glass-fibre reinforced plastic design to avoid any risk of damaging costly equipment and to facilitate recycling.
• Double tightening: 2 wrenches of 22mm and 1 hex key of 6mm or 8mm.
• Airtight fittings using sealing on all oblong 3/8 male suction cups.
The COVAL COFC series vacuum cups are made out of elastomer and fibreglass reinforced plastic.
These materials guarantee long life expectancy to COVAL's C series suction cups, high resistance to oils and heat resistance up to 100°C.
This approach helps to avoid any risk of deterioration of expensive production equipment and facilitates the recycling of suction cups.

• Suction cups:
NBR nitrile 55 Shore A (high resistance to oils).

• Fitting:
- Fiberglass reinforced Polyamide (PA 6.6 30%FG) ensuring reduced weight (M38G/F38G Fitting).
- Aluminum (F38GA/C32 Fitting).

• O-ring:
NBR Nitrile blue or black.

• Square coupling: Aluminium
. M38G male fitting G3/8"
. F38G female fitting G3/8"
. F38GA aluminum female fitting G3/8"
. C32 square coupling 32 mm
Branch-specific applications
Types of use
  • TSOG
    Anti-rotation Spring Systems, TSOG series
  • L series
    Mounting Extensions with adjustable stroke, L series
  • NV
    Vacuum Feeders, NVS - NVR - NVA series
reference dimension
D (mm)
Suction cup stroke
f (mm)
Tensile force
Ft (Lbf)
COFC2565C32 25×65 3 15.74 Nitrile C32
COFC2565F38G 25×65 3 15.74 Nitrile G3/8"-F
COFC2565F38GA 25×65 3 15.74 Nitrile G3/8"-F
COFC2565M38G 25×65 3 15.74 Nitrile G3/8"-M
COFC3080C32 30×80 3 24.73 Nitrile C32
COFC3080F38G 30×80 3 24.73 Nitrile G3/8"-F
COFC3080F38GA 30×80 3 24.73 Nitrile G3/8"-F
COFC3080M38G 30×80 3 24.73 Nitrile G3/8"-M
COFC4080C32 40×80 4.5 31.47 Nitrile C32
COFC4080F38G 40×80 4.5 31.47 Nitrile G3/8"-F
COFC4080F38GA 40×80 4.5 31.47 Nitrile G3/8"-F
COFC4080M38G 40×80 4.5 31.47 Nitrile G3/8"-M
COFC50100C32 50×100 6 51.7 Nitrile C32
COFC50100F38G 50×100 6 51.7 Nitrile G3/8"-F
COFC50100F38GA 50×100 6 51.7 Nitrile G3/8"-F
COFC50100M38G 50×100 6 51.7 Nitrile G3/8"-M