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With their innovative design, Coval’s CVGC carbon vacuum grippers correspond perfectly to the weight constraints, flexibility and safety of OMRON/TECHMAN's collaborative robot applications.

The CVGC series is composed of:
. a carbon structure, 2.5 times lighter than aluminum and offering mechanical strength 6 times greater
. flexible material on the gripper edges, to protect both gripper and operator
. foam gripping interface, for versatile product handling
. a plastic “function” block, including vacuum generator, pilot control cartridge, silencer and vacuum switch…
… all this, in a very compact and ultralight design, guarantees a fast setup and easy integration on the robot.

The three standard formats allow you to choose your CVGC and ensure the handling of your loads: corrugate, plastics, metal/glass plates, etc.
The CVGC vacuum gripper provide a unique solution for the handling of products in various industrial sectors:
. Packaging
. Plastics
. Metal
. Glass
. Composite
. Wood
. Ultra-light and compact, due to their carbon design.
. Suitable for collaborative robot applications, heavy-duty robots and special machines.
. Fully integrated, allowing for an easy and fast installation.
reference dimension
D (mm)
Robot Mounting interface
Mas (KG)
CVGC 150X150 A50 C2 150 x 150 ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 M8 - Male 5-pins 0.85
CVGC 240X120 A50 C2 240 x 120 ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 M8 - Male 5-pins 1.1
CVGC 320X160 A50 C2 320 X 160 ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 M8 - Male 5-pins 1.3