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Bottle Suction Cup, VSBO+ series, 4.5 Bellows, dimension 40x95mm, Natural Rubber with internal and lower reinforcements in stainless steel
ref. : VSBO4095CNRD5
form (form) 4.5 Bellows
Suction cup type (tve) oblong
type of product (typp) suction cup
Slipping force (Fg) 18.66Lbf
dimension (D) 40x95mm
Tensile force (Ft) 35.52Lbf
Suction cup stroke (f) 34mm
material (mat) Nitrile
Weight () 128g
internal volume (vi) 112.5cm3
(1) - Upper stainless steel fitting
(2) - 4 stainless steel reinforcements
(3) - Lower stainless steel or polypropylene reinforcement
Suction Cup Properties
(1) Force measured at 65% on dry and smooth bottle without safety factor.
(2) f = Deflection of the suction cup.
Note: All dimensions are in mm
The values represent the average characteristics of our products.