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VSG series, 2.5 Bellows suction cup, Ø 5mm, Silicone
ref. : VSG5SI
type of product (typp) ventouses
Suction cup type (tve) round
form (form) 2.5 Bellows
Diameter (ØA) 5mm
Suction cup stroke (f) 3mm
Tensile force (Ft) 0.09Lbf
Height (H) 9.5mm
material (mat) Silicone
Diameter (Ø D) 7.5mm
Internal neck diameter (Ød) 4mm
Depth of housing fitting (B) 4mm
internal volume (vi) 0.03cm3
Weight (Mas) 0.2g
Suction Cup Properties
(1) Actual force of the suction cup in use with 65% vacuum and including a safety factor of 2 for horizontal handling.
Suction Cup Dimensions
(1) f = Deflection of the suction pad.
Note: All dimensions are in mm.
The values represent the average characteristics of our products.
Choice of fittings
M = male
F = female
3D Model

To generate the 3D file in the required format, we use the TRACEPARTS platform. To download the file, please use your TRACEPARTS username and password.